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Analysis of 300 Job Listings Reveals What Employers Are Looking For in a Content Marketing Manager

We analyzed 300 U.S. job openings for content marketing managers to learn what experience and skills employers frequently look for.


How Avid Launched Its Award-Nominated Lead Scoring Program

Avid, a finalist in Eloqua’s Best Lead Scoring Program Markie Category, reveals how it revamped its lead scoring program to improve qualification rates.


How to Use Your Sales Team to Create Better Buyer Personas

We spoke with experts in the field to discover how sales and marketing can work together to create better, more effective buyer personas.

Free sign

Is Free CRM Software Right for Your Business?

We evaluated several of the most popular free CRM systems on the market to you determine if they can adequately meet your company’s needs.

Social Ops

Study: Images and Photos Most Important for Optimizing Social Media Content

Software Advice has partnered with Adobe to create the first-ever Social Media Content Optimization Survey. And early results are coming in.

Freelance writers

Hire the Right Freelance Writers for Content Marketing

Hiring freelance writers can help you produce content quickly or supplement your existing content pipeline. Here’s how to find the right people for the job.

MBA graduatespng

Considering an MBA in Marketing? 4 Success Stories of B2B Marketers

Getting your MBA can prepare you for management roles and provide valuable networking opportunities. But is the investment worth it?


Getting Real(-time) with Market Research

B2B content marketers are becoming overly reliant on writing articles to reach their audience. It’s time for content marketers to focus on creating primary research.

Christmas Tree

Why Your Inside Sales Team Should Work the Week Before Christmas (and After New Year’s)

Companies may underestimate the opportunity to generate leads and reach buyers by phone around Christmas and the New Year.

Act-On logo

How Act-On Used Brand Advocates to Generate Over 200 Referral Leads and $60,000 in Sales in Six Months

Act-On recently used their brand advocate program to generate over $60,000 worth of closed business in six months. Here’s how they did it.

LinkedIN for Sales

How Top Sellers Use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to Land More Sales Appointments

LinkedIn has revolutionized the way over 259 million business people connect with one another. Here’s how B2B professionals can use it find sales prospects.

Brand Advocate

Brand Advocates: The Greatest Resource You Never Knew You Had

Business-to-business (B2B) buyers turn to their peers for purchasing advice. Are you doing the right things to convert satisfied customers into brand advocates?

Hire for Web PR

How to Find a Great Web PR Hire

Many employers are familiar with hiring for public relations (PR) roles—but what about Web PR? Here’s how to hire for Web PR.

Female CMO

We Are the 8%: 4 Women Who Beat the Odds to Make It to CMO

Only 8 percent of businesses worldwide employ a female chief marketing officer (CMO). Here are four women who beat the odds to make it to CMO.

Adobe Digital Optimization

Primary Research Reports That Build Brand Authority: 4 Great Examples

Conducting original market research and publishing it in well-organized, visually appealing reports can be a highly effective tactic to build brand authority.

Social media buttons

Adobe and Software Advice Present the Social Media Content Optimization Survey

To discover the best approaches for optimizing social media content, Software Advice and Adobe created the first-ever Social Media Content Optimization Survey.

Hiring a journalist for content marketing

Hire the Right Journalist for Your Content Marketing Team

You can’t hire just any journalist for your content marketing team and expect them to succeed. Here’s how to vet a journalist to make sure you hire the right one.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: A Beginner’s Guide

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates have many B2B marketers excited about their marketing potential. In this post, we offer a few tips to get started.


Building a Sales Team the HubSpot Way: Through Content Marketing

Planning an inside sales team is about more than hiring the right people. Discover how Hubspot uses content marketing to build an effective talent roster.

Marketo Virtual Event Lobby

How Marketo Got 10,000 Registrants for Their “Good to Great” Virtual Event

Marketo shares lessons learned from their “Good to Great Marketing” virtual event, drew more than 10,000 registrants and almost 3,500 attendees.