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568W Content is King2.002-001

Content is King and You Can Be Too: The Convergence of PR and Journalism

As content marketing gains prominence, the roles and functions of PR and journalism as we know them are not only changing, but converging.

Web target

7 Ways B2B Marketers Can Maximize the Impact of Native Advertising Campaigns

Native advertising isn’t just for B2C companies. Here are seven best practices B2B organizations can use to run successful native ad campaigns.

Sales Force of 2020

How Will the Sales Force of 2020 Engage Buyers?

The first wave of sales technologies focused on improving efficiency. The next wave will help salespeople sell more effecitvely.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Mobile, Social, Data and CRM: Top Analysts Predict the Future

Top CRM analysts predict how software developers will innovate and evolve the way social, mobile and data analytics are used with CRM.

Consumerized Marketing

4 Ways B2B Companies Can Consumerize Their Marketing

B2B companies are increasingly borrowing marketing strategies that have proven successful in B2C markets. Here are four ways you can do the same.

Lead Nurturing

How HubSpot Nurtures Leads

Jeffrey Russo, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, shares five of HubSpot’s best lead nurturing tips that they use themselves to turn leads into customers.


Google+ Debate Results: Cold Calling is Shifting to Warm Calling

An all-star panel of inbound marketing and inside sales experts shares their thoughts on the role cold calling plays in today’s hyper-connected world.


5 Lessons Learned in Site Retargeting

We’ve experimented with site retargeting over the last two years. To help companies considering retargeting, we’d like to share five lessons we learned.

State of Inside Sales

What’s the State of the Inside Sales Industry?

Software Advice and are teaming up to learn the size and nature of the inside sales profession. Help us by taking a few minutes to complete the survey.


Q&A with Mark Fidelman, Author of Socialized!

I recently caught up Fidelman to see what he thinks companies should be doing to develop a coherent business strategy around social media.

Laura Attribution Model Screen Grab

Video: How to Optimize Marketing Spend with Attribution Models

In this video, we explain step by step how to create an attribution model that identifies those touch points that move your target customer down the funnel fastest.

B2B Demand Generation

B2B Demand Generation Benchmark IndustryView | 2013

Here are the results of the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey–a study for marketing professionals to compare their demand generation with peers’.


Google+ Debate: Does Cold Calling Still Work?

Is cold calling still effective in today’s hyperconnected world? We’ll explore this question with inbound lead generation and inside sales experts.

Is Customer Service The New Marketing

Google+ Debate: Is Customer Service the New Marketing?

This event featured a star panel that discussed how the roles of marketing and customer service have evolved, and strategies for accommodating these changes.

Magnifying Glass

What Venture Capitalists Want in a Marketing Executive

Are you leading a company seeking VC funding, but don’t yet have a marketing executive on board? You’ll want to understand what VCs look for when recruiting.

Buyer Persona

How to Use Customer Service to Refine Your Buyer Persona

Buyer personas define what potential customers value, want and fear when shopping. Here are three ways to use customer service to refine buyer personas.

Eloqua AdFocus

Eloqua AdFocus: Marketing Automation Meets Display Ad Management

AdFocus gives marketers a way to monitor and manage their paid display ad marketing alongside other channels such as email and affiliate marketing.


Marketing Should Own Telephone Lead Qualification

The days where marketers simply fill the sales funnel with names must end. One way to do this tension is to have Marketing own telephone lead qualification.

B2B Survey

How Does Your Demand Generation Program Stack Up?

Software Advice has partnered with Eloqua and to present the 2012 B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. You’re invited to participate.

Social Media

5 Social Media Strategies for B2B Sales Success

In this article, I present five ways B2B sales professionals can leverage social media to find–and win–more business.