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What’s the State of the Inside Sales Industry?


In 2010, discovered that inside sales jobs were growing at a rate 15 times greater than outside sales jobs. The disproportionate growth, according to, was attributable to three key factors:

  1. The Great Recession made the lower average cost of employing an inside rep more enticing;
  2. Cloud-based CRM and online lead generation tools made remote selling more feasible; and,
  3. A younger generation is increasingly comfortable doing business over the Web and phone.

But where is the inside sales industry today? Is growth still outpacing the outside sales role? And how do inside reps perform across key sales metrics relative to their outside counterparts?

Software Advice has teamed up with to answer these questions and more in the 2013 Inside Sales Market Size Study. If you manage (or help manage) the sales function at your company, you’re invited to participate in our survey. In exchange for 15 minutes of your time, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win an iPad–and you’ll receive a free copy of the report when our survey closes.

Inside Sales Job Market

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